Anthony Whitbread

Country Coordinator, Senegal
International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)


What’s your role at AICCRA and the journey that led you here?   

I am the Senegal Cluster leader bring technical, scaling and research management experience to implementing partnerships and innovation to the crop-livestock systems targeted.  My role is to facilitate the teams to deliver effective scaling strategies for CSA and climate information services that build more resilient smallholder farming systems.

Since earning a PhD in soil science (soil carbon dynamics) in 1997, I have worked in crop-livestock systems in Australia, Africa and Asia. My expertise covers agronomy and soil science, farm systems analysis, crop modelling, climate risk management, forage and pasture systems, spatial analysis all focused on research for development in smallholder farming systems.

Why do you believe AICCRA can help to deliver a climate-smart future for Africa?

Through building genuine partnerships with the public and private sector actors, AICCRA is able to create the conditions for innovation.  

AICCRA is working across scales (field, farm, community, region) with actors across the value chains (in Senegal crop-millet, groundnut and cowpea and livestock- meat and milk) to bring climate smart methodologies, technologies and knowledge to build resilient farm systems and value chains.