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AICCRA @ COP27: Elevating the Voices of Women in Agriculture - Challenges and Solutions Toward Empowerment in the Face of Climate Change

This side event will raise awareness and inspire concrete and direct action to empower women farmers on the African continent in the face of climate change.


Women play a significant role in Africa’s agriculture sector, contributing much of the needed labor in the sector and, thus, being responsible for 70% of Africa’s food. Despite women’s dominance and significant contributions in agriculture, the gender productivity divide persists across the farming communities in Africa. This divide reflects several constraints that women farmers experience which are not only due to unpredictable weather conditions but also to the interplay between climate related factors and gender inequality. As a result, women are often deemed as less able to adapt to climate change than men. Considering women’s central role for Africa’s food production, this presents a serious threat to the continents’ food security.

Women farmers are hosts to profound agricultural knowledge and know-how. They should act as agents of change to propel climate adaptation on a community level and on a decision-making level. However, their empowerment is a pre-condition that must be fulfilled to ensure their indispensable contribution to climate adaptation.


Moderator: Katrin Harvey, COO, Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens (BKMC)

Belinda Okungu, Gender Lead at Pan African Climate Justice Alliance

Elizabeth Nsimadala, President of the Pan Africa farmers Organization (PAFO)

Elizabeth Akaba, Farmer and Tuba Women Farmers Association Leader, Ghana

Organized by:

The Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens (BKMC)

Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA)


The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP27 (Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC), will be the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference, to be held from 6 to 18 November 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.