Working Paper A vision for scaling climate-smart agriculture in Africa

A vision for scaling climate-smart agriculture in Africa


Bridging the research-to-practice divide for climate-smart agricultural co-innovation in Africa

Accelerating Impacts of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa (AICCRA) works with national and regional partners to scale climate information services (CIS) and climate-smart agriculture (CSA), increasing access and use of CGIAR innovations for millions of smallholder farmers in Africa.

Through AICCRA, a broad coalition of CGIAR partners work with over 70 organizations to strengthen the agriculture research architecture in Africa and to build the capacity of thousands of African climate and agriculture leaders.

This document showcases the AICCRA model for sustainably accelerating delivery of value to governments and other agri-food system actors, implemented by six country cluster teams and regional initiatives.

Based on experience since 2021, AICCRA offers insights to major research institutions and donor agencies about partnership-based scaling.

Looking ahead, this document signals key components of a future framework to guide more effective scaling of climate-smart agricultural co-innovation in Africa.

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River Limpopo (ACS 1), KICC, Nairobi