Empowering Kenyan Farmers: Unveiling the impact of targeted agro-weather advisory

AICCRA partnerships are empowering more Kenyan farmers in the use of weather advisories and climate information services. Through collaboration with call center, iShamba, small-scale farmers are able to access accurate and timely agro-weather information tailored to their unique needs.

An excerpt: 

At the forefront of this narrative stands iShamba, a beacon of hope. iShamba is committed to boosting farmers' productivity and income through the provision of accurate and timely farming information. With over 500 registered farmers spread across all 47 counties of Kenya, its mission centers on empowering farmers with valuable knowledge to improve their agricultural practices and enhance their livelihoods.

iShamba provides personalized agricultural tips tailored to a farmer’s specific crop or livestock calendar and their region, offering precise weather forecasts within a 9km radius of their location and access to seasonal county forecasts. Additionally, iShamba keeps farmers up to date on farming events including dates, locations, hosts, and entry charges. Despite facing challenges along the way, iShamba approaches each obstacle with innovation and determination.

AICCRA envisions a more climate-resilient agricultural landscape in Kenya, aimed at strengthening farmers' resilience and livelihoods in the face of climate change. At AICCRA, we recognize that timely access to weather and agriculture information is pivotal in adapting to climate change impacts by facilitating proactive preparedness and strategic planning. iShamba, aligning with this vision, collaborates closely with AICCRA to provide accurate and timely agro-weather information tailored to the unique needs of small-scale farmers. This enables farmers to reduce losses and optimize gains, ensuring their investments hold the highest value even during extreme weather events, whether detrimental or favorable. 

Our partnership model involves collaborating closely with relevant partners to understand farmers' requirements and locations, empowering them to enhance productivity and view farming as a sustainable business venture. To deliver climate information services and promote climate-smart agriculture practices, iShamba leverages a broad stakeholder network and a robust mobile platform, expanding the reach of agricultural information services, ensuring inclusivity and relevance for women, men, and youth from diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Boaz Waswa illustrates to the farmers how to receive agro-advisory information on their phones. Photo credit @The Alliance/Esther Nzuki 

Authors: Regina Wamaitha, Martin Aketch, Joseline Kiogora, Ivy Kinyua