Photo by I.Mukalo/RECONCILE
Photo by I.Mukalo/RECONCILE. 

Women, the unsung heroes of rangeland management in Arbahajan Ward, Wajir County, Kenya

With CGIAR Research Initiative on Livestock and Climate, AICCRA and partners are building capacities in Kenya for participatory rangeland management (PRM), resulting in significant impacts in good governance, including women's participation and community commitment to restoring lands.

An excerpt:

Women play a crucial, yet often unrecognized, role in rangeland management. Beyond caring for small-livestock herds and tending to pregnant, lactating and young livestock, they are key actors in rangeland management. Women possess innate knowledge of resources that they utilize, actively monitoring and preserving resources fundamental to the well-being of both the ecosystem and the community. Their role underscores the importance of gender-inclusive approaches in promoting sustainable and participatory rangeland management.  

AICCRA (Accelerating Impacts of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa) works with national and regional partners to transform climate services and scale climate-smart agriculture, increasing access to and use of CGIAR innovations. One such innovation is participatory rangeland management (PRM) which has resulted in significant impacts on good governance including women’s participation, land and livestock productivity and communities’ commitment to restoring lands. Piloted in Baringo County with the support of the CGIAR Research Initiative on Livestock and Climate, AICCRA is now building capacities in other counties to scale PRM.  

Story by Irene Mukalo, Head of Programs, RECONCILE