Ghislain Tepa-Yotto

Country Coordinator, Ghana
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)


What’s your role at AICCRA and the journey that led you here?  

I lead the Ghana Cluster of AICCRA, providing strategic insights for planning while overseeing partners’ contributions and ensuring quality delivery against project indicators. I supervise all major events and activities of AICCRA and play a leadership role for keeping the momentum with strategic partners including public and private organizations.

I am a holder of a PhD degree in Plant Science/Plant Health obtained at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Early career endeavors aligned with climate change for improved resilience and livelihoods of farming communities based in West and Central Africa. Countries of experience include Benin, Ghana, Mali and Niger.

I am also the current coordinator of the Biorisk Management Facility (BIMAF) which is hosted by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Benin station). BIMAF is a multi-stakeholder platform designed to catalyze collaborative linkages between national, regional and international organizations committed to scale out climate smart agriculture (including climate smart integrated pest management) in West and Central Africa.

Tell us why you think AICCRA can help deliver a climate-smart future for Africa?  

AICCRA strongly covers a wide range of disciplines and expertise required for climate change-related interventions. The project is constructed around relevant building blocks including partnership development/strengthening. Private sector and high-level stakeholders are engaged to meet the demand of farming communities. The project has an extraordinary exit strategy with significant anchoring to national and regional programmes.