Héctor Tobón

Knowledge and Data Sharing Coordinator
Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT


What’s your role at AICCRA and the journey that led you here?  

I coordinate AICCRA's Knowledge and Data Sharing unit which supports evidence-based decision-making by ensuring that the research products are appropriately reported in time to the needs requested by the World Bank. Some of my key responsibilities are: to develop and operationalize a Data Management Plan for the Project; ensure proper dissemination of products by setting up planning and reporting processes during the year, as well as managing the established CGIAR data repositories; participate in management dialogues in the AICCRA Management Unit, offering strategic advice on compliance with an open access policy, CGIAR data standards, and reporting timelines, to manage the development of the AICCRA M&E System (MARLO) to assist cluster leaders and stakeholders in the planning, reporting, and quality assurance processes; and ensure the system fits its purpose, and to provide high-level summary reports upon requests from the Project Management Committee (PMC).

I am a System Engineer with a Master’s degree in informatics and telecommunications management. I have worked since mid-2009 at the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT, in developing Management Information Systems. At the same time, I am currently managing the Innovations and Business Development team that is part of the Alliance Technology Integration unit and which provides services and solutions to CGIAR in general, to support integration and interoperability, as well as by leveraging in-house knowledge and experience in software development related products to monitoring progress towards our institutional strategic performance indicators, and making sure the pieces of evidence are being tracked properly by following the policies and good practices established by the organization.

Tell us why you think AICCRA can deliver on a climate-smart future for Africa?

Africa is a region with an economy that is growing a lot over time and with a great cultural variety and potential that we cannot ignore. With the AICCRA project, I am convinced that the establishment of a data culture within the team will allow us to be more efficient, avoid redundancies in our work, save money, facilitate the return on investment, and at the same time makes us achieve a better impact on the region. In addition, we are working to make all the products of this work entirely accessible to everyone under the principles of open data.