Todd Crane

Country Coordinator, Kenya
International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)


What’s your role at AICCRA and the journey that led you here?  

I oversee AICCRA's engagement in Kenya, coordinating activities by ABC, ICRISAT, ILRI and IRIS.

My PhD in anthropology helps me to recognize and navigate the intertwined relationships between environmental change, technical change and social change. This is particularly important in adapting research and development institutions so they can more effectively engage with farmers' and pastoralists' various climate change adaptation needs.  

Tell us why you think AICCRA can deliver on a climate-smart future for Africa?  

AICCRA’s success will stem from integrating engagement with producers, national and sub-national public sector organizations, and private sector actors in rural development. Furthermore, bundling climate information with agricultural advisories and technologies will create synergies that have not been previously seen in climate smart rural development.