Victoria Clause

Member, Independent Steering Committee (ISC)
Mercy Corps


What’s your role at AICCRA and the journey that led you here?  

I have been a member of the Independent Steering Committee (ISC) since 2021 and in this role I provide technical support and advice to AICCRA. The ISC meets in person twice a year to receive detailed updates on AICCRA and to provide guidance and feedback on its progress. Aside from participation during these meetings, we provide inputs on reports and other documents shared by the AICCRA teams, and join field visits when possible.

I have over 10 years of experience working in the agri-tech sector in emerging markets, providing strategic support to organisations designing and scaling commercially viable digital solutions for smallholder farmers. I currently work with the Mercy Corps AgriFin programme as the Digital Climate Smart Agriculture Manager where I identify and integrate innovative digital climate-smart agriculture (DCSA) partners, products and solutions into AgriFin's portfolio of engagements. With this combined experience, I am able to support AICCRA by highlighting potential partners, sharing best practice on making digitally-enabled services more accessible to smallholder farmers at scale, and in a sustainable way.

Tell us why you think AICCRA can deliver on a climate-smart future for Africa:

I believe that AICCRA is able to deliver a climate-smart future for African smallholder agriculture due to its unique mix of scientific evidence, strong links and influence in policy and capacity building, as well as innovative products and services designed for smallholder farmers.