Report African Fertilizer and Soil Health Action Plan: 2023-2033



Adapting food systems to climate change is a global priority, including for the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in East Africa. Food systems are impacted by climate change, and also contribute to climate change. In the East Africa region, climate change (particularly severe drought) is negatively impacting agricultural production (crops and livestock) and disrupting supply chains, putting pressure on livelihoods and threatening to significantly increase hunger and malnutrition. There is therefore a critical need for enhancing climate change adaptation efforts. This document provides a contribution to inform the development of the food systems thematic area of the IGAD Regional Adaptation Strategy 2023 - 2033. It describes the current realities of climate change impacts on food systems in the IGAD regional context, the region's vulnerability to climate change, projected climate-related risks and where limits to adaptation have been reached. It outlines key opportunities for addressing the challenges including digital technology, policy innovations, climate-smart agricultural (CSA) practices and technologies, addressing farmers needs and priorities, and the need for mechanisms that promote intersectoral and multistakeholder coordination and cooperation. Three key priority areas are given namely, climate information services, financing mechanisms and regional support and implementation of CSA practices, in conjunction with suggested actions.