Report National Stakeholder Consultation Workshop for the Development of a Curriculum on Agricultural Climate Risk Management



From July 5 to 7, 2022, the Modibo KEITA Memorial Center in Bamako hosted the national stakeholder consultation workshop dedicated to formulating a curriculum on Climate Risk Management for Agriculture in Mali. Over the course of three days, participants engaged in comprehensive discussions, paper reviews, group activities, and plenary debates to assess and refine the structure and content of the preliminary curriculum. The workshop, held in the conference room, was attended by twenty-eight (28) attendees representing a diverse array of entities such as national central and decentralized services, agricultural development offices, development agencies, foundations, NGOs, projects and programs, national research and educational institutions, consular chambers, and farmers organizations. This collaborative effort aided in defining the target audience and learner profile for capacity-building initiatives in climate information services and facilitated the identification and prioritization of essential skills and knowledge crucial for empowering the intended audience in supporting farmers with climate services. Besides, the workshop provided a platform to collectively present, review, and evaluate existing educational materials. Finally, the participants formulated a roadmap outlining the steps for the development and implementation of a curriculum on climate services specifically tailored to the context of Mali.