Report Scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) through Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) Engagement



Multi Stakeholder Platforms (MSP) are used to effectively coordinate stakeholders via collaborative planning; support the diverse involvement of stakeholders; cross-leverage resources such as knowledge, skill, as well as funding; policy action plan through
initiatives; and monitoring and evaluation. CSA MSP has been created to make decision-making easy through the platform. It enables all stakeholders to partner and collaborates to accelerate implementation, plan and monitor CSA. CRAFT through SNV supports capacity development activities to ensure its success and extensive usage. The platform is modelled to enable MSPs to accelerate the process of policy engagement activities and policy dialogues. This is done from local to national and regional levels. The platform aims to engage institutions at the local, national and regional to collaborate or partner in catalyzing the formation and operationalization of MSPs within the three East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and across the region. Where needed, CRAFT backstops the local, national and regional stakeholders involved in MSP activities.