Brief Strengthening Regional Capacity on NextGen climate forecasting in West Africa and the Sahel



To anticipate, manage, and respond to climate change and its impacts in West Africa and the Sahel, improving the generation of high-quality climate information is critical. The NextGen seasonal forecasting system provides a systematic approach for generating unbiased, objective, and reproducible forecasts using the latest dynamic models. Recent advances and updates in the Python interface for the Climate Predictability Tool (PyCPT version 2.5), including intra- and sub-seasonal forecasting required additional training to National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs). This Info Note documents the process and lessons learnt from AGRHYMET-led capacity building event to 28 experts (including 03 women) from NMHSs in West Africa and the Sahel on the improved NextGen approach (PyCPT version 2.5) for seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasting. The training has equipped all participants (100%), both meteorologists and hydrologists, with the skills to generate intra-seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts using the PyCPT tool. To ensure effective implementation of seasonal and sub seasonal forecasting in BNHSs in the region, there is a need for continuous capacity building and monitoring of behavioural and institutional changes. A key recommendation from this capacity-building is to integrate NextGen seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasting trainings into the future Regional Climate Outlook Forum in West Africa (i.e., PRESAGG and PRESASS).