Ideas Jam at launch of AICCRA Zambia Internship and Innovation Grant (I2G)

Are you an entrepreneurial student, passionate about agribusiness and climate-smart agriculture?

Apply now to participate in the I2G ideas jam co-hosted by IMWI, BongoHive and University of Zambia.

Prizes for best ideas. Apply by Wednesday 20 July.

Competition details

As part of the AICCRA Zambia Internship and Innovation Grant (I2G) launch, AICCRA is partnering with Lusaka-based innovation and technology hub BongoHive to host an ideas jam on Wednesday 27 July at the University of Zambia.

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What is the AICCRA Internship and Innovation Grant (I2G)?

The AICCRA Zambia Accelerator Program is curating a cohort of 14 climate-smart agri-SMEs, clustered into five innovation bundles and working along multiple value chains and regions in Zambia.

Over the last six months, AICCRA Zambia has been working closely with these SMEs to scale research innovations into the Zambian agricultural sector.

To achieve the ambitious target of reaching 300.000 smallholder farmers through the program, AICCRA provides USD 50,000 in de-risking grants per bundle as well as tailor-made technical assistance in the form of scientific advisory and investment readiness.

AICCRA also measures climate-smart indicators, providing the science-based evidence for the impact that our SMEs are generating.

What is an ideas jam?

An ideas jam is a light-touch workshop used to identify and define problems and develop solutions in a short amount of time. In this process, we will be brainstorming solutions for different aspects of the agriculture sector, including climate-smart agriculture and information. We invite 50 students across all degrees and disciplines to join us for the ideas jam, so bring your critical-thinking skills!

Prizes are available for the best ideas. 

The deadline for applications to the ideas jam is 20 July 2022.

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