Bouwéré, Mali
Farmers working in the field. Picture from the village Bouwéré, in Mali. 
Photo: P.Casier (CGIAR)
AICCRA-Mali supports the development and adoption of climate information services and climate-smart agriculture across Mali's value chain in rice and other vital food produce. 

Mali is one of the major rice baskets of West Africa. Yet it is highly vulnerable to drought and flooding, both of which are exacerbated by climate change.

The AICCRA-Mali team targets the rice value chain and other key food systems that are integrated with rice production - such as legumes, vegetables, tubers, fish and trees.

They work to expand access to demand-driven, cost-effective, timely climate information services and climate-smart agriculture, while enhancing the capacities of national partners to sustainably adopt such services.

The team also aim to address the current limitations to data available in climate services to support better decision making by farmers. 

Through climate risk mapping, near-real-time crop monitoring and climate change impact assessments, they also support research investment and policy decision-making.

The team also focus on improving the resilience of Mali's agriculture sector to climate change, while providing job opportunities for women and youth.

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