Tana River watershed, Kenya

Jane Gicheha collecting rainwater data on the farm. CIAT is working with partners including the Kenyan Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) and The Nature Conservancy among others to support farmers along the watershed to better manage their land, preventing soil erosion - which clogs up the waterways for other users further downstream. 

Credit: © 2016 CIAT/Georgina Smith
AICCRA-Kenya develops tailored climate information services and digital agricultural advisory services that are gender and socially inclusive

The AICCRA-Kenya team works with a consortium of partners in the country's arid and semi-arid regions to build the resilience of Kenya's dryland agriculture and food systems. 

The project focuses on improving the quality of climate information services and climate-smart agriculture in Kenya, while increasing access to women and youth.

The AICCRA-Kenya team helps the Kenyan government 'bundle' climate-smart innovation and technologies in ways that support its targets for climate adaptation, rural development and food security targets in dryland regions.

The team aim to achieve this by improving how markets function for farmers under climate change, and AICCRA-Kenya is developing user-friendly crop forecasting systems (with a focus on loss and yield) with accessible digital tools and interfaces that share information in an inclusive way. 

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